In a grim future, only one man can save us. Well, he's not actually a man...

Once upon a time, our most noble and heroic dwarf, Captain A. Grimbeard, awoke from a night of drinking, fighting and all around merriment and found himself one thousand years in the future. Now, laser cannons, robots and the like are all well and good, but the part that struck our hero in the –uhh, wrong way was that the entire world was ruled by the most detestable creatures ever to walk this planet: the dang elfs! Oh, and did I mention that every dwarf in existence was somehow wiped off the crust of this world by those aforementioned scoundrels?

Well, not every dwarf.

Captain Grimbeard, with vengeance in his heart and curses in his beard, has set sail to build an army of his own and seek some payback against the elfs.

If you like tales of honor, courage and valor, well swabbie, these tales ain't for you. If you have a hankering to hear yarns about fighting, drinking, sailing and all-purpose mayhem, then click some of the links below and pay the good Captain his due.

Grab a pint or three and enjoy the Tales of the Last Dwarf.

Grimbeard goes to Prison
Grimbeard and the Friday Night Fights
Grimbeard goes to a Wedding
Old School

Captain Grimbeard first set sail back in 2006 and back then he seemed a bit more on the volatile and politically incorrect side. Over the years he has mellowed out a bit and now appears to rely more on his wits rather than his mits to handle situations. You may even notice that some characters and elements from these shorts ended up in Grim's new adventures. I hope one day we will see the good Captain and his crew in another animated tale but until then please enjoy these colorful bits of beard dandruff.

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