his section contains common questions that were transformed into guidelines for you (the visitors) to follow. Please read them through and keep them in mind when using any of the material featured in sonsofthehstorm.com or contacting the persons involved with sonsofthestorm.com.

Content Usage

• All text and images (including artwork, thumbnails, web graphics, content etc.) on sonsofthestorm.com are copyrighted, and may not be used for profit/commercial reasons.

• You are allowed to use the images for personal/private/non-commercial reasons such as desktop wallpapers, skins, reference material, etc.

• Unofficial Blizzard sites and communities are allowed to feature the Blizzard related artwork of sonsofthestorm.com provided the site is non-commercial/non-business/non-profit and that it explicitly says that the art is copyrighted Blizzard Entertainment and made by the artist in question.

• Do not steal or rip the images that have been displayed on sonsofthestorm.com. Respect the artists' creative rights and please refer to the first guideline above.

• Linking directly to images hosted on sonsofthestorm.com induces bandwidth theft and is not permitted. For this reason direct linking has been disabled.

 Contact Issues

• The only person who is allowed to be contacted is René of Twincruiser, who acts as SOTS' webmaster. If you have questions concerning SOTS issues which have not been listed in this FAQ please contact him.

• It is not allowed to send the webmaster messages that have to be forwarded to the artists.

• It is not allowed to discuss any material related to Blizzard Entertainment (development issues, story aspects, future projects, release dates, etc.) with the webmaster.

• It is not allowed to send résumés, portfolios and cover letters to the webmaster. This site is a personal artists' showcase, not an employment center.

• It is not allowed to ask the webmaster for higher resolution images of any graphical content (including artwork, thumbnails, web graphics etc.) displayed on sonsofthestorm.com.

Art Questions

• If you are seeking advice concerning your art or are in search of information related to art in general (news, schooling, techniques, etc.) then we suggest the following forums; ConceptArt, CGtalk, EatPoo.

• If you are looking for art tutorials of various graphics software like Photoshop and Painter we advise you to visit Sumaleth's Link Archive.

• There are no plans to sell any prints of the art featured in the galleries.

The Tome of Honor

• Comments on sonsofthestorm.com in general are welcome and it is really appreciated if you post them in the Tome of Honor. We are able to reply to your messages there. Suggestions for enhancements are also welcome but it cannot be guaranteed that these will be incorporated in future updates of sonsofthestorm.com.

• Messages in the Tome of Honor that have no relation to sonsofthestorm.com or contain inproper words will be deleted.

• The Tome of Honor is not allowed to be used as a promotional tool. You do, however, have the option to insert your email address and/or website in the appropriate fields when adding a message.

• The Tome of Honor is not allowed to be used as a forum/board messaging system. Do not reply to other people's comments and/or questions.


• This website is link free. Please use one of the banners listed above.

• It is not allowed to ask for link exchanges and/or affiliations with sonsofthestorm.com.

• The artists of sonsofthestorm.com are not available for commissions and/or requests. They are also not available for interviews.

• There are no plans to put up a forum.

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